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Leverage our performance lighting solution design services to create an environment for your space.


Leverage our performance lighting solution design services to create an environment for your space.


Choose from a wide selection of DMX house lighting fixtures ideal for performances
  • Set the perfect atmosphere in your church, theater, or performing arts center
  • Control every stage effect and lighting fixture from one main church house lighting console
  • High-quality color rendering, dimming, and fades create unmatched precision in your venue


Create a truly immersive experience that sets the perfect mood and captures the audience’s attention
  • LED’s last for more than ten years and consume much less power than traditional stage lights
  • Choose from fresnels, spotlights, full color RGBW washes, scenic lighting, and more to create the right atmosphere.
  • Simplify management of your lighting from a centralized location

Architectural Lighting Control

Integrate theatrical lighting controls and effects with the convenience of an architectural system
  • Transition between architectural and theatrical systems with ease with multiple control options
  • Effortlessly adjust the color and intensity of each fixture to craft the perfect atmosphere
  • Utilize DMX, a digital control protocol, to create scripted and scheduled lighting patterns

Truss & Rigging

Give performers the flexibility to move around the stage with lighting that moves with them
  • Create a more engaging event with equipment that flows intuitively with the production
  • Eliminate limits on where you can install your fixtures, even in the air with solid support
  • Lights can be hung, flown, or supported on the ground for a layered experience

Lighting Consoles

Program and manage all of your devices easily with a DMX-compatible controller
  • Control all attributes of your lighting system and atmospheric effects such as fog machines
  • Create complex looks with long cue stacks and complex movements
  • Integrate motion graphics from media servers and moving lights for an engaging performance

Lighting Design

Design a more engaging and versatile environment with expert lighting design
  • The right lighting design ensures you have a system with complete control over the mood and environment of your space.
  • Purposeful lighting considers your space's needs and integrates seamlessly with the rest of your building.
  • Using industry-standard visualization tools, our team can provide predictive analysis to ensure the lighting coverage and performance matches how you pictured it.


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