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ClearSonic CLE-IPC IsoPac C DK Grey Drum Shield

ClearSonic Isolation and absorption, portable and easy to setup / dismantle, easy to get out of

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  • ClearSonic IsoPac C Isolation Package with Dark Gray Sorbers
  • All Parts Listed in Description
  • Limited One-Year Warranty Against Material Defects Including Hinge Components

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controls acoustic drum sound giving other performers and the audience less direct sound from the drums

    IsoPac C by ClearSonic features an A2466x5 CSP and (5) S2224 SORBER baffles in the front and (3) S2466x2 SORBER baffles around the rear. The IsoPac C is likely more suited to a studio environment, more specifically as a drum isolation booth, but could also be used in certain live situations. The IsoPac C will be more effective in a room with low ceilings and acoustic treatment than it would be in a room that is large and has a lot of hard surfaces. Regardless, the IsoPac C will reduce stage volume, allowing everyone to play at a more moderate sound level. Like all of ClearSonic's booths, the IsoPac C is modular and can be upgraded to an IsoPac A or B in the future if desired. Dimensions: 6-feet wide x 7-feet deep x 5.5-feet.

Specifications for the ClearSonic CLE-IPC

{ "Dimensions" : { "Overall (W x D x H)" : " 6 x 7 x 5.5' / 1.83 x 2.13 x 1.68m", " S5-2 SORBER baffle (Rear) (W x H)" : " 4 x 5.5' / 1.22 x 1.68m", " S2 SORBER baffle (W x H) " : " 22" x 2' / 55.88cm x 0.61m" } }

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