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What's the Deal with Laser Projectors


What's the Deal with Laser Projectors?

The newest innovation in projection is laser technology. Although it may seem like science fiction, laser projectors are a viable alternative to conventional projectors.

So what is a Laser Projector?

In the simplest terms conventional projectors, like LED, LCD or DLP, use a lamp or bulb as the light source. Laser projectors come in several types such as RGB types which use three lasers to project the image and phosphor types which use a blue diode shot through a phosphor color wheel.

Are Laser Projectors safe?

Laser projectors are as safe as conventional lamp-based systems. The biggest issue is heating from the laser. Most manufacturers have addressed this with advanced liquid-cooling systems that ensure a constant temperature and increase the lifespan of the projector itself.

What are the benefits of Laser Projectors?

Laser projectors provide a better and brighter image. They can produce more colors which mean you get more vivid picture and manufacturers also claim that the image stays more consistent over time.

While traditional lamp-based projectors have a lamp cycle of around 3,000 hours, laser projector manufacturers are claiming up to 30,000 hours before the laser element needs replacement. So even though laser projectors are more expensive (for now), the long-term costs make them a better value.

The Bottom line

Laser technology is clearly the future of projection. Is it right for you? Talk to one of our projection experts and find out.

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