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LED Video Walls Are Stunning

Experience unmatched brightness, contrast, & color compared to projection or display walls.

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Longer Life

LED video walls last 2-3 times longer than projectors, 12-15 years, making them more cost effective over time.

Less Maintenance

No lamps, filters, or other parts to buy or change ever.

More Flexible

LED video walls can fit any aspect ratio, not just 16:9, 16:10, or 4:3.

LED Wall Packages are in Stock and Ready to Ship.

CCI Solutions offers the absolute best prices on LED video walls. Award-winning support included.

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Wall Mount $50,999 $41,999
Flown $48,999 $39,999


Wall Mount $66,999 $54,999
Flown $63,999 $52,999


Wall Mount $84,999 $67,999
Flown $81,999 $64,999


Wall Mount $106,999 $79,999
Flown $101,999 $76,999


Wall Mount $129,999 $94,999
Flown $123,999 $91,999

Every LED Wall Package Includes:

  • Acclaim 3.8 LED Panels
  • Novastar Video Processor
  • Wall Mount Brackets or Flown Header Bars
  • Main Power Cables
  • Power Jumper Cables
  • Data Jumper Cables
  • Front Service Tool
  • Spare Power Supplies
  • Spare Modules
  • Spare Receiving Cards

Video Library

Learn more about LED Walls and their many applications.

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What are people saying about
LED video walls from CCI Solutions?

“I’m thrilled we made the switch to Absen LED video walls from CCI Solutions at our remote campuses. We Don’t have to compete with ambient or stage lighting, and I don’t have to worry about putting our band right in front of the screen. They look amazing, make our ministry more effective, and our jobs communicating so much easier!”

Isaiah Franco
Production Director

“In the church market these days, the message you present is almost as important as the medium used to display it. Absen continually offers video solutions that allow viewers to fully engage in the content. Our Message is communicated better, using Absen Technology.”

Andrew Stone
Church on the Move
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