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How to Handle a Handheld Microphone

3 Tips to Remember When Using Handheld Microphones

Some of the biggest problems that occur when using handheld microphones can be remedied by remembering three simple rules. Once you know them, share them with others who may be less knowledgeable before they step on a stage. A second or two of instruction off-stage can save you many headaches on the mixing console.

1. Hold the microphone as close as possible to your mouth. Inexperienced users often hold a handheld mic down by their chest or at an arm's length from their mouth. To ensure the microphone adequately picks up your voice and nothing else, hold the microphone Female worship leader with handheld micclose – as if it were an ice-cream cone – within six inches of your mouth. Also, limit hand gestures to your free hand.

2. When you are not using the microphone or are pausing during your speech, rest the microphone near your chest. Avoid pointing the microphone at any loudspeaker or floor monitor. A mic pointed toward the floor may be positioned toward a floor monitor or other loudspeaker. Anytime you point a mic toward a loudspeaker or monitor, you create the opportunity for feedback to occur.

3. Avoid excessive handling of the microphone. “Handling noise” is the rumbling or static noise generated when the handle of a mic is bumped, rubbed, or passed from hand to hand. All of these actions create noise that can be picked up by the microphone and are amplified in the sound system. The basic solution is to refrain from any juggling of the microphone. Instead, firmly hold the mic in one hand.

If you have questions about choosing a handheld mic, please contact a CCI Solutions Sales Representative at 1-800-562-6006. You can look at a selection of the handheld mics we have to offer by clicking here.