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Great Fixtures To Make Your Lighting More Dynamic

© December 30, 2014

A few weeks ago I had the honor of teaching 6 classes at the Christian Musician Summit (CMS), one of the country's top Worship Conferences which just happens to be held in the Seattle area every Fall. This year 2 out of our 6 classes were focused on lighting. And a funny thing happened after those first two classes finished: people kept coming back and asking for more. Many churches know that an effective audio system can help their ministry successfully engage their congregation in worship and teaching, but over the last 10 years we've seen lighting become a hot topic. After spending more than a decade helping churches create dynamic lighting systems, I am seeing an overall shift to using lighting to create atmosphere.

The week following CMS I traveled to Las Vegas, NV to attend Live Design International (LDI), the lighting industry's top trade show. With so many churches looking for cost-effective ways to create dynamic environments through lighting, I wanted to share some of top finds from LDI and some amazing deals on some of our existing top choices for dynamic lighting on a budget.

New Fixtures From LDI

Elation SixPar LED Fixtures

Most cost-effective LED fixtures have struggled with getting deep, saturated blue and purple colors, as well as producing a dynamic white light. Elation has said "enough of that," with its new SixPar LED line. With Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber and Ultraviolet LEDs, Elation has proven that white and colored light can exist in one LED fixture without costing an arm and a leg. A clean, variable white and deep saturated colors are now available to everyone with the SixPar 100 ($399), SixPar200 ($499) and SixPar300 ($599) fixtures. The combination of white and amber means you get the exact white you want. With the Ultraviolet light added in, blues and purples have rarely looked better from an LED fixture. But don't rule out using the UV light along with your white either. Elation's team demonstrated this and it really impressed me. Adding UV to white made the lit subject really "pop."

Elation Platinum Profile LED

One of the big themes at LDI this year was the LED engine moving light. And if you're looking for an LED mover with a huge feature set at a great price, look no further than the Elation Platinum Profile LED mover. The new Platinum Profile LED ($3,699.99) is an LED spot featuring an 180W LED engine with a whopping 9,000 total lumens of light output. It features an 18 beam angle, 7 dichroic colors including UV and white, 7 rotating interchangeable and 7 fixed gobos, 3-facet rotating prism and a frost filter. And if that wasn't enough, it's one of the few fixtures to also include framing shutters, allowing you to use it for strategic/specialty lighting, a huge feature that is rarely found in a fixture at this cost.

American DJ Dotz Par

The American DJ Dotz Par uses advanced COB (Chip On Board) technology to allow a powerful 36-Watt TRI LED engine to be placed in a small amount of space. The result is a high output, low-profile, smooth color mixing LED par that can fit in anyone's budget. But the best part of all, with the homogenous design of the LED engine, you only see one light out of a single lens with no RGB shadows. You get the light you want without the "Skittles effect" of seeing lots of little round colors out of the fixture.

Incredible Pricing on Some Current Favorites

These new fixtures are fantastic and available now to be added to your lighting rig, but don't forget that we still have all of our current favorite budget-friendly LED fixtures too! In fact, American DJ and CCI Solutions have partnered to bring you some exclusive deals on some of the best bang-for-your-buck fixtures around. For a limited time, buy two or more American DJ fixtures from CCI Solutions and you'll save more off our already low prices. Buy two ADJ Flat Par Tri7x fixtures (normally $149 each) and save an additional $20. Buy two of the more powerful ADJ Flat Par Tri18x (normally $249 each) and save an additional $40! You win big when you buy any two or more American DJ fixtures from CCI Solutions.

Don't Forget The Truss

For nearly a decade now, anytime I've needed light duty truss for stage design or even hanging LED and small moving light fixtures, I've turned to Global Truss and their 12" light duty box truss. Durable, great looking and cost-effective, Global Truss provides a wide range of solutions for everything from hanging fixtures to building the framework for set backdrops. And don't forget to place LED fixtures inside your truss for truss warmers. It's hard to beat the look of silver truss with LED's shinning color through them! Many of my favorite sets have utilized this concept and it's a great way to add accent color to an already amazing environment.

Lighting is a powerful tool to create an engaging visual atmosphere. When used well, color is an extremely effective way to convey mood and emotion. Dynamic lighting environments can help you engage your audience and help them connect to the One we worship. As always, if you need help picking out the right fixtures, or perhaps overhauling your entire lighting system, our team is ready and excited to serve you.

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Duke DeJong
Church Relations Director
CCI Solutions

Duke has over 14 years of experience as a technical artist, trainer and collaborator for ministries. Duke travels around the country for CCI Solutions and is available to help your ministry. Join Duke on Facebook at